Continuing Legal Education

Continuing legal education credit will be applied for in the states listed below for 7.0 credit hours in 60 minute states; 8.0 hours in 50 minute states.

Please be aware that every state has its own rules and regulations regarding accreditation. All credits, including ethics credits, will be awarded based on sessions attended in real-time. You must answer the polling questions during each session in order to receive CLE credit.

All registrants must complete a Proof of Attendance form in order to receive continuing education credit. This form must be submitted by May 19, 2021.

All forms will be found on this page within one week of the event.

CLE Summary  
Alabama Pending
Florida Pending
Georgia 7.0 CLE; 1.0 Ethics
Indiana Pending
Kentucky Pending
Louisiana Pending
Mississippi Pending
New York 8.0 CLE; 1.0 Ethics
North Carolina Pending
Ohio Pending
South Carolina Pending
Tennessee 6.0 CLE; 1.0 Dual
Virginia Pending


Please contact us via email at or by phone at 770-451-4448.